Acting in a rude, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate manner that isn't listed here can still get you punished. Not every way a person can offend or disturb can be listed. Being banned for an offense we didn't think to list, but was still outrageous, is not an unfair punishment. It is not overstepping, power-tripping, or proof of "unspoken" rules. No, you do not need to hear it from Fraser himself that he agrees with how we moderate, this is what we're here for. We (the mods) are only doing the job we volunteered to do. We have a thread here for voicing disagreements or sharing concerns with the actions we undertake, which we strongly suggest you utilize before acting rashly. The thread is public so the entire community can see it. Our moderating Team consists of: Acevil, Aqws3, ATrulyAmazingToaster, Aughts, Bonefoot, Chrya, Cogswell_Chris, Daverball, DKSigne (a.k.a. karamelgiraf), Fiffles, Isophist, MellisBaker, MikeyMcMuffin, Nulani, QuaziJoe, StephasaurRAWR, Syretha, and Gangstahwezel. Our Helper position is currently in stasis, but may be reinstated at a later date.





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